Where to Eat on a Budget When Staying in Sri Lanka with Delta Airlines

When in Sri Lanka, the capital Colombo and the Galle Face Green can always be the starting point for your visit. Since 1859, it has been the spot to be for the locals and the tourists alike. The country is a riot for the ones who love to try authentic cuisine and still to look for places that are budget friendly. You budget trip to Sri Lanka can never be complete without the Delta Airlines Flights. The Delta Airlines Reservations will add that much needed extra money to your budget.

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 Here is our list of food to try when in Sri Lanka, light on the pocket and tasty, these local delicacies will delight you.

  1. IssoVadei: The Galle Face Green park is full with street vendors selling local dishes, and IssoVadei is a must try for all. It is a spicy lentil cake with prawns, and the freshness of the prawns will bowl you over. Try these, and you will find these snacks are genuinely addictive.
  2. Kottu: This dish was made initially with curry leftovers things like roti, vegetables and meat are used to prepare it. It has today replaced numerous other curry preparations of the island. It seems so similar and yet different than its Japanese counterpart.
  3. Nana’s Restaurant: An informal open-air restaurant around Galle Face Green is a favourite place for the locals and the tourists alike for food. Try cuttlefish, crabs, chicken or mutton, and all will be celebrated in taste and light on pockets. Try the Elephant Ginger Beer in when in Sri Lanka, you will surely love it.
  4. Hoppers: It is a local delicacy a pancake bowl that is served with eggs or curries. The locals eat it any time of the day. The pancake is crispy and with plenty of curries. Try Green Cabin or the Café on the Fifth for this dish.

The Island tourist destination is high on seafood, which is fresh as well as pocket-friendly. You need not look for guidance here. Visit the Delta Airlines Official Site for several convenient delta airlines flights to Colombo.

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