Delta Airline Flights – A guide to Malta: A small yet beautiful island country in the Mediterranean Sea

Tucked away in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a real gem. It has one of the most amazing weathers in the whole world, and that also makes it famous. Malts have a stunning coastline, the golden sand and the blue waves together give youthe most beautiful landscapes you will ever get to see.

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Let us get to know a little more about this Mediterranean paradise. Here we present you a small and concise guide to ensure that Malta becomes part of your travel bucket list. Delta Airlines Flights regularly fly to this popular tourist destination.

Best Diving Locations: There is more to Malta than its incredible coastline. The sea here is home to reefs, caves and shipwrecks making it one of the best diving locations. The crystal clear water especially makes it ideal for diving. The water and sea life are colourful, therefore there is plenty to see when you dive in.

Ancient agar Qim, is indeed timeless beauty. Made of limestone, these Megalithic temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are more structures like these in ValletWonders: Malta has been civilised for hundreds of years. The famous and 5000 years old Hta that is the capital city of Malta.

The Capital City: Valletta is considered as the first planned city in entire Europe. The original building plans made the city spectacular, and with centuries the town became even more beautiful. You will find splendid architecture here with a unique medieval touch.

 The Cuisine: Maltese Cuisine is one of the biggest reasons to choose Malta for your next holiday. Enjoy the local soft drink called Kinnie along with the pastry called Pastizzi. The local soft drink is made with oranges and herbs. Rabbit cooked on a medium flame with onions and wine is another Maltese delicacy.

Apart from this, Malta is ideal for taking a walk down the alley into the sea beaches, the lagoon and the buildings make it so picture perfect that it has been the location of many famous films and television series.

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