Crack Delta Airlines Deals and visit the top adventure spots in Canada

Canada is heaven if you are the stargazer kinds, or if you are in search of adventure. You can tick off many entries of your travel checklist when you have planned Canada as your next tourist destination.

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Yellow Knife: The first thing to do is book Delta Airlines Flights in a way that you land and go straight to the Yellow Knife. Here is the aurora village named after a marvel and if you reach here between the months of January to March, you will get to see the Northern lights phenomenon which is the sky in all its emerald glory. It is suggested you drive down, and stay for three days to increase your chances to see the green lights in the sky which can be seen when the sky is clear. The whole world craves for this opportunity.

Churchill: Next up, make Delta Airlines Reservations in a way that you get to see polar bears in Canada. Who does not want to see Polar Bears? Get your bags ready and book flights to land at Churchill. Polar bears pass through these terrains every year between the months of September to November. These animals are majestic, and you would be making a mistake to miss a chance of seeing this wild animal in their final glory before the species becomes extinct.

Shubenacadie River:Canada is the number one place to visit for 2019 according to the Lonely Planet. If you are an ocean fan and wish to be drawn by the water currents of brute force, then you should know Tidal Bore rafting would make you experience just the same. For this experience, you should go to the Shubenacadie River.

British Columbia : If you are also obsessed with whales just like many people are, then go kayak in waters where the whales swim with you. The location is British Columbia. Canada boasts of having one of the first whale heritage sites in the world.

You also get to see dolphins alongside whales, and it does not get any better marine life wise. For further information, do visit the Delta Airlines Official Site.

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