Book Delta Airlines Flights and Get Around Top 5 Haunted Places in Italy

Looking for some thrill and shocking excitement that you will never forget in your entire life?Well, Italy is full of such places which are ghastly and have some supernatural elements there. Castles, palaces and a lot of things are found scary in Italy. If you are someone who likes thrill and horrific adventure, go check out the Delta Airlines Official site to know more about the tickets and reservations.

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Let’s check out some top horror places in Italy below!

Botanical Garden, Lucca: Owned by Lucida Mansi, this is one of the most beautiful and haunted places in Italy. According to the locals, the owner used to kill the men she made love with on the earlier night. This is a garden but haunted with the existence of the deceased. You can visit this place to get a glimpse of its beauty but will be terrified to know the real truth.

Palazzo Malvasia,  Villa Clara: This is another haunted palace that youmust visit once. It is renowned for its ancient yet horrific architecture. The legend about the gothic elements of this palace narrates the story of the murder of a father and his daughter which makes it more haunted.

Palazzo Mastelli, Venice: Located in the heart of Venice, this ancient haunted palace in Venice tells a story of three men turned into stones. This story is quite horrifying and gives an eerie feeling of having a life in them. Get you Delta Airlines Flights reserved to reach this haunted place soon.

Castello Di Bardi, Parma:

This is considered to be the most haunted palaces in Italy. Narrating the tale of an incomplete love story resulting in timeless deaths of the lovers, and the palace is haunted by their respective souls.

Evil Tower, Castello Di Poppi: Evil Tower is regarded as of the scariest places to visit in Italy. The palace is haunted with the spirit of a young and beautiful maid who was sentenced to death. People hear screams and assume that her spirit roams around the palace, making it haunted.

Visit these mind-boggling haunted places in Italy with Delta Airlines. To get your hands on tickets on a cheaper price, check Delta Airlines Deals today!

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