Top Historic Sites in Churchill to visit

Churchill is a town in Manitoba, Canada.┬áThis is world’s most perfect ecotourism locations and thus there is an abundance of activities to keep you engaged in between your ecotourism adventures. A number of historic sites are there in Churchill that you simply cannot afford to miss. Before you get your Delta Airlines Reservations done, make sure that the following places are included in your package:

The York Factory: The York Factory provides tourists the chance to experience the fur trading headquarters of the Hudson’s Bay Company from the 1600s to the 1800s. Tours via the historic settlement also offer details on the Hudson’s Bay Company main competitor, the well-known North West Company.

Cape Merry National Historic Site: Situated at a walking distance from Churchill’s town centre, this place has the remains of a cairn memorializing Jens Munck and an eighteenth-century gun emplacement. Apart from it historical importance, the cape is an outstanding vantage point for witnessing the Beluga Whales that often visit the tidal area of the river all through the summer. Cape Merry is also a must to visit place for bird watchers looking for King Eiders and Harlequin Ducks.

The Prince of Wales Fort: This is considered as one of the most splendid stone structures ever built in North America. This huge, star-shaped fort started as a simple log fort and took over four decades to complete. As of now, the partially restored fort is a National Historic Site and one of the key tourist attractions of the area. The Parks Canada Visitor Centre in Churchill offers an outstanding introduction to the site in addition to an exhaustive look into the varied history of the Hudson’s Bay Company and its fur business.

The Eskimo Museum: This museum displays a wide-ranging collection of Inuit artifacts and carvings, with a stunning collection of ancient crafts and arts on display that comprise two animal-hide canoes and quite a few taxidermy animals.

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